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Welcome to Japan RV Rental, Japan's Number One Camping Car Booking Service.

Contact TEL +81 50 3136 5553 - SKYPE japanrvrental

We provide everything you need for your camper holiday in Japan.

Easy to Understand English ContractClean Modern VehiclesEnglish Speaking Staff and Emergency Telephone SupportNo Minimum Rental Period or Hidden Fees

Japan Campers 24hr Breakdown Service Child Seats Japan Camper van Japan Motorhome GPS Navigation

24 Hour Breakdown Service  •  Child Seats for Safety and Comfort • English GPS Navigation  • Off Grid Heater - Lights - Power  • TV  • Refrigerator  • Toilet

Sleeping Bag and Pillow Dining Utensils Plates Cups and Knife Forks Spoons Cooking Equipment, Pots and Pans, Cooker and Tools

All Camping Equipment included for free or as an option  Sleeping Bag - Blanket - Pillows • Dining Utensils - Cup - Plate - Cutlery • Cooking Equipment - Pot and Pan - Gas Cooker  • Outdoor Table and Chairs

Driving in JapanYou must have an International Driver Permit ( IDP ) or an official translation from JAF to drive in Japan.

Go here to learn more.

Japan Camping GuideWondering where you can park the campervan? There are hundreds of camping area around Japan.

There are free options as well including roadside rest area and parking lots. Start your adventure here.

Do you have more questions? Want to use the ferry to Hokkaido or know how to use ETC highway toll card?

Find more answers on the Frequently Asked Question page.
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