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Destination Kyoto.

Here you can step back through time a 1000 years at some of the oldest and most sacrad Buddhist O Tera and Shinto Jinja surrounded by ornamental gardens. Visit Gion the home of Geisha for finest dinning and beverages. Or wander through the former Imperial Palace.



The historical capital city of Japan.

The city has very narrow and crowded streets and there is no kerbside parking. Use the Times 24h parking area on the map below. It costs 200 JPY per hour or 800 JPY 24 hours and you can walk to the Tobakaido train station in just 10 minutes. From this one train line you can easily access all of the major attractions including Fushima-inari Shrine, Kiyomizu Dera, Gion and Kyoto Imperial Palace. There are so many places to see you can spend all day in the city.

For more on Kyoto go to http://kyoto.travel/en

Where to Stay.

You can either spend the night in the car park and bath in the nearby onsen or go to Lake Biwa.

Use the phone number below in GPS navigator to find the parking area.

Parking Area. Ph- 075-671-6376

Kyoto Parking Map

Lake Biwa.
It is less then 1 hour drive from Lake Biwa to Kyoto.

There are free parking area along the east shore of the lake with toilet facility only. There are onsen in this area for bathing.  

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Go here to find to " onsen " hot spring bath house.

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