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Driver License Requirements for Japan.


You must have an International Driver Permit ( IDP ), 1949 Geneva Convention.

If your driver license is from Switzerland, Germany, France, Belgium, Slovenia, Monaco and Taiwan you will need an official translation from JAF. IDP is not recognised from these countries.

We can apply for the translation for you. Please contact us for more details. You can arrange the translation yourself by going to one of JAF offices in person and it takes about 30 minutes to process. Find the closest JAF office.

​JAF does not mail the translation outside of Japan.​

International Drivers Permits are available through Motoring Associations in your home country. Here is a list of auto clubs by country.

IMPORTANT- The documents must have been issued within 12 months of the rental period.


 Driving Rules in Japan.

Drinking alcohol and driving is prohibited.

Park in designated areas only, there are large fines for illegal parking.

You must stop at level railway crossings and look for trains even when the boom gates are open.

All accidents must be reported to the police, failure to report can result in disqualification of your insurance policy.

By law all children up to the age of 6 years old must use a compliant child seat.

Drive on the left side of the road.

The legal minimum age for driving is 18 years.

See a full list of traffic rules by the Japan National Police Agency.


Toll Roads and ETC.

Most of the motorways/ highways in Japan work on a user pay system based on distance travelled. Currently about 25 JPY per kilometer for a camping car. For example a 300km journey may cost 7,500 JPY. Payment is calculated when you exit the toll road.

There are two methods of payment at tolling booths. By cash or electronic tolling ( ETC ). Most vehicles have an ETC system installed however requires a special card linked to your Japanese bank account. You will not be able to use ETC unless you have set up an account.

Make sure you are in the correct lane as you approach the toll booth and do not enter the ETC lane unless you have an ETC card inserted in the reader. Have your cash prepared for the attendant.

Travel on most secondary roads is free and you can enjoy a relaxing more scenic drive.

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