Fines and Fees

Parking Fines.
When a borrower performs a parking violation, the borrower needs to pay the fine and expenses for things such as tow truck usage.
If we make a payment on your behalf for the parking violation fine or expenses, you need to pay us back the amount.

Traffic Violations.
All traffic infringements, violations and fines are the reasonability of the borrower and must be paid to the appropriate authority. Failure to do so may result in further legal action under Japanese law.

Cleaning Charges.
Dirt which cannot be wiped clean: 2,000 JPY per item
Ruined bedding, sheets and/or carpet of the car: 2,000 JPY per item
Interior of the vehicle which is severely soiled from dirty shoes, cooking, odours, smoking, toilet blockage etc: 30,000 JPY.

Broken/ Lost Items.
Actual cost (example: Lost car navigation, broken side awing: 200,000 JPY).
The above mentioned items do not apply to vehicles accident indemnity-against-liability system.

Failure to Refuel Fee.
If the vehicle is returned without a full tank of fuel and is refilled by us there may be a fee of cost of fuel plus refuelling fee: 5,000 JPY.