Winter Precautions

In Hokkaido and mountain regions during winter, the use of the vehicle’s on-board water system is not possible due to possible freeze damage.

This means that the sink, shower, hot water and toilet is unusable.

Most campgrounds are closed. We recommend using ski resort facility or hot spring baths for personal hygiene.

The AC (External) power supply is not readily available. Some accessories must have AC power to function (Example: Microwave, Hair Drier, Water Boiler).

Some systems that require power will work from the on-board batteries (Example: Heater, Lights, TV). The batteries can operate these systems typically for about 12 hours on a full charge. Once they are depleted they must be recharged by running the engine for 4 hours or plugging into AC power outlet. It is not recommended to idle the engine for extended periods.

During winter months snow tires are fitted to the vehicle however extra care must be taken due to different driving conditions.