Insurance and Accident

Deductible, Non Operation Fees and Security Deposit.

Conditions for insurance protection, excess/ deductible and non operation fees vary depending on which vehicle type and rental location you choose. There is a security deposit payable to cover these cost in case of an accident. The amount is also determined by the vehicle type and location accordingly. You may reduce the amount you are liable for and the amount of the security deposit by choosing optional Collision Damage Waiver.

Please select a rental location to download further information and ensure you understand the terms.

You are expected to operate the vehicle in accordance to the rental agreement (and the main insurance agreement policy of the company written in Japanese from which this was translated). If a traffic accident is caused under the following conditions or you have failed to comply with your part of responsibility the insurance coverage shall not be applied and you are to indemnify for any amount, which shall be responsible for you to our company.

Failure to comply with these required procedures: In conditions such as, When traffic law was violated. When the rented vehicle was driven under the influence of alcohol or drugs. When the rented vehicle is used during an unauthorised extended period of time. When driven by another person other than the agreed driver and/or authorised drivers.

We make every effort to ensure the vehicle is available as per the reservation. In the unusual circumstance where the vehicle is not available due to mechanical breakdown or due to damage from previous customer etc, we will provide another camper of the same type or an upgrade at no extra cost. If you decide not to use the substitute camper you will not be refunded. If there are no alternative campers available you will be refunded the booking deposit. You will not be refunded for out-of-pocket expenses relating to alternative transportation or accommodation that you arrange.

All of our campers are checked before and after rental for evidence insect infestation. You will not be refunded the rental fee for presence of ants, flies, mosquitoes, spiders, fleas, bed bugs etc, and we may charge a fee for the eradication of such insects.

During the contract, you are responsible for the maintenance of the parts and equipment accompanying the vehicles. You need to cover the cost in case a theft or loss occurs.

Any damage or loss of personal property during the rental contract period is not the responsibility of the rental company.

Any personal injury or death during the rental contract period is not the responsibility of the rental company.

You are responsible for any accidents that occur when, with an ETC installed or not when you drive through a toll gate.

If you are over the term of rental without a formal reason or contact, we will take legal action for fraud, embezzlement and/or robbery.

The insurance policy will not cover expenses relating to damage or loss under these situations. Customers shall cover damages caused under situations as below:
a. Acting against the terms and conditions for rental. Examples; “drinking”, “doping”, “unapproved extension”, “operation by those other than the borrower and specified drivers “, “sublease”, “driving without a license”, “settlement out of court without the consent of our company”, etc.
b. When it corresponds to the disqualification of insurance policy, or when payment is exempted. Examples, “intentional damages”, “drinking”, “doping”, “damage to tire caused by blowouts”,” windscreen damage”, “loss of wheel cap”, “filling with incorrect fuel type”, etc.
c. Predetermined procedures, such as contacting the police and our company, is not taken after an accident (Please contact us and the police, regardless of the size of damage, whether or not there are other passengers and/or whether you are the assailant or the victim).
d. When there is a fault with use and management. Examples, “Parking with the key attached and a theft occurs”, “Using the awning incorrectly or damage from wind and rain”, “damages resulting from nuisance parking etc.”, “corruption of indoor equipment”, “loss of general tools”, “damage caused by the handling and improper installation of chains and carriers”, “damage caused by a run in the seashore, a dry riverbed, etc.”, etc.

If you are involved in an accident you must comply with these rules:

It is mandatory for you to report an accident to the police and us at the site of an accident, regardless of whether or not it is serious, whether or not there is a third party involved in it, or who is at fault.

Get name, address and phone of third party and/ or any witnesses. Take photographs of damaged vehicle/s and license plates. Take note of the exact time and location.

In case of an accident, we will pass your personal information to the insurance company and police.

Do not attempt to drive the damaged vehicle unless you have permission from the rental company.

Replacement Camper.
If you cannot continue your journey due to damage to the vehicle, a replacement camper may be provided to you if one is available. You must return to our office at your own expense or we will bring it to you for an extra delivery fee.

You must pay a new security deposit for the replacement vehicle.

If there is no alternative vehicle available whether or not you will be refunded is determined by degree of fault in regard to the accident. This is determined by police reports and the insurance company. If it determined that there is 0% fault by the contracted rental party then there is refund of the balance of rental fee based on a percentage of days remaining for the contracted rental period. When it is determined that there is any fault of contracted rental party then there is 0% refund of the balance of rental fee and the rental contract is terminated.

We will not refund for out-of-pocket expenses relating to alternative transportation, change of itinerary, food, accommodation that you arrange or lost usage time of the vehicle.

Time Frame for Settlement of Rental Contract Liability Claims.
Decisions about liability in case of an accident are determined by insurance company and other third party not the rental company. The time frame for these decisions are unknown and may take months or years. Any balance of rental fee or security deposit cannot be refund until such a decision has been made.

Upon receiving the decision of degree of liability from police/ insurance company or other third party any money owing the contracted party will be paid immediately.

The contracted rental party must assist in providing requested information relative to the claim.

Breakdown and Equipment Malfunction.
When there is a breakdown or equipment malfunction you must immediately contact us and tell us the exact problem, how it occurred and your current location. You may be asked to make some small diagnostic checks and repair and/ or to call roadside service for further checks.

If the problem requires further mechanical assistance we may ask that you take the vehicle to the closest repair workshop. This may take several hours to a full day depending on the problem.

When there is a fault of the electrical system in the camping area, lights, refrigerator etc. Repairs or alternatives may be arranged. Faults to the FF Heater system when used above 1,000 meters above sea level or general faults may require workshop repairs. Faults with the vehicle air-condition system will require workshop repairs.

You will not be refunded for out-of-pocket expenses relating to alternative transportation, change of itinerary, food, accommodation that you arrange or refunded for lost usage time of the vehicle whilst being repaired. The cost of any repair to the vehicle and or replacement of damaged or missing items are to be determined by the mechanic appointed and thus determined by the rental company not the renter. If the vehicle is unusable you may be provide another vehicle if one is available at the discretion of management. It may take up to 24 hours to provide the replacement vehicle depending on your location. When you cannot continue the journey due to a mechanical breakdown and there are no other vehicles available you will be refunded the balance of the rental fee, excluding items listed above.