Usage Rules

We would like each and every customer to use our vehicles in a safe and responsible manner.
Observing some basic rules will ensure all customers can enjoy a comfortable and pleasant experience.

No smoking in vehicles.
Smoking is prohibited inside the vehicle.

Shoes strictly prohibited.
Do not wear shoes in the rear camping area of the vehicle. Driving with shoes is OK.

No grilling food inside.
Barbecuing or grilling and cooking oily food should be done outside.

Keep the interior clean.
If you accidentally spill fluids like juice, soy sauce, or beer in the vehicle’s interior, please wipe it off immediately.
Please bring your own water resistant sheet if you have young children.

Wearing of seat belts.
Please ensure that passengers wear seat belts and stay seated at all times when the vehicle is moving.
Please be especially careful if you are travelling with children and use child safety seats.
Use of beds, gas cooking stoves, showers, and toilets is prohibited while the vehicle is moving.

Caution when using the toilet and shower.
For vehicles that have a toilet please use only if no other alternative is available. Cassette type toilet can fill quickly.
Do not flush anything other than toilet paper down your toilet.
Please remove all toilet paper from the bathroom when showering or it will become soggy and unusable.